Cyber War Games Start March 11th.

Code named Cyber Storm II, Cyber war games are scheduled to be held from March 11th till the 14th.The exercises will test the cyber security of the US, Australia, the UK, New Zealand and Canada.Its goal is to test preparedness and responsiveness to real time threats.The focus will be simulated cyber attacks on information technology, communications, chemical and transportation infrastructure.Cyber Storm II participants have been divided into two groups, planners and players.The players have not been told about the situations they will have to handle.The exercises are expected to include hypothetical threats from organized crime, terrorists and hackers operating on behalf of a rogue nation.

Each of Cyber Storm II's participants will also have their own country or agency specific goals and challenges designed to bolster their individual capabilities.

The exercise has been organized by the Department of Homeland Security. The participation of private enterprise is extremely important as these companies own almost 85% of the nation's cyber infrastructure.Cyber Storm II has taken about 18 months of planning and has cost almost $6.2 million.

What is not known beforehand is what is the criteria for success and will it be defined before or after the exercise.It will certainly raise the consciousness of government and business leaders as a reminder that along with its many benefits, the global IT revolution carries a new generation of risks.